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Close to Home Childcare, LLC

A Licensed Childcare Provider

Located in West Chester, PA

We love sending our baby to Close to Home!  We like that he gets to interact with kids of varying ages.  Miss Marcey is great at helping him meet his milestones and she's always excited when he learns something new.

-Laura M.

Our daughter started with Close to Home when she was just about 6 months old.  She's now 3 and thriving.  We generally would have moved our child to a more center-based daycare facility at this point like we did her sister and brother, but we just love the program that Miss Marcey has at Close to Home.  Our daughter knows her colors, is counting to 13 and is learning new things every day.  The adult to child ratio can't be beat and the love my child has for Miss Marcey and Miss Sandy and its reciprocation from them for her is evident daily when I pick her up and she hugs and kisses them goodbye.  They are also very good about my child's asthma and the treatment that she sometimes needs when it flares.  We are so happy with our decision to have our child attend Close to Home!   

-Kristin W.

Our daughter has been at CTH for 2 years, since she was 5 months old.  CTH is a warm, caring and nurturing environment that treats your child like family, while also educating in a fun interactive manner.  Our daughter enjoys CTH so much that often she doesn't want to leave her friends at the end of the day.  We will be sending our 2nd daughter to CTH as well in the summer!

‚Äč-Katie H.